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Mr. Kamal Nath

I have always liked simple and classy things in my life. Only recliners has such a lavish range of recliners, making it worth for me. Their recliners solves my purpose completely as well as enhancing my lifestyle with comfort. Their designs are super classy and their fabric is so luxurious. They don’t believe in just selling their product but also their service is very nice.

Mr. Deepak Dwivedi

Only recliners and my experience has been tremendous. The recliners from my office to my conference room to my home are a style statement. They have provided the best recliners as per the need, also keeping in mind mind the color, style and type of recliner. They have a great sense of the place and accordingly customize too. There recliners are so stylish and the fabric used is top notch. I am totally satisfied with their product.

Mr. Amitabh Bandyopadhyay

Only recliners are one of the ultimate luxurious recliner makers. As a director of IIT Kanpur, it’s a very big responsibility, and with that comes a lot of work. And getting comfort in such a busy life is very difficult, but only recliners have made that possible. At the the end of the day or in between, whenever I get time, I get my comfort from their recliners. They have super soft and comfortable sitting that makes my every experience of sitting on it, worth it. Their recliners are placed in my office as well the institute, auditorium. They have the most furnished recliners.

Ms. Annupriya Bhatnagar

As a busy person and a hotelier a recliner plays a major role in our life. This is one product that I have been using for my business as well as for my personal use. After a busy day, all I want is a recliner to recline into and only recliners have actually made it happen. Their recliners and not just stuffed but comfortable , giving a sense of soothing feel. I have placed recliners in my hotel and they have worked miracles for me.

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